About us

My name is Pia Ezgin, i have been living in Alanya 20 years. First I came here in 1999 to work as a guide. Alanya was small city with few services and infrastructure. It is amazing how this city has grown in these years and it has been honor to see it. After guiding i started in real estate in 2005, when the market finally opened to foreign people. It was lot of customers coming from Scandinavia, Ireland and other countries. That time the growing started and lot of buildings for holiday home use was build. Cikcilli, oba and Tosmur was mostly agriculture area, which turned in to the holiday resorts. These days we have thousands of foreign people owning the property, many of them use the holiday home themselves and also rent it. For foreigner it is difficult to rent by themselves, with all the rules and taxes. I saw the need for service and opened this service in 2016. All the houses which I rent and take care of are owned by Finnish people. It has been very successful.

Since i been in Alanya 20 years, I understand the culture and language, I follow the rules and regulations. I enjoy my work, because all the houses i take care of and rent are in good condition and facilities are super. This is a very good opportunity to you as a tourist to rent these nice homes and even if you are thinking to buy your own home one day, it is good to rent before and feel the living in Alanya.

I am here to help you, please contact me with any questions and requiries.

See you in sunny Alanya!

Sincerely, Pia Ratia-Ezgin
+90 530 461 2845 or +358 400 662 866
email: vuokraa.alanya@gmail.com